Candle Making

This is your chance to make candles in a variety of shapes and colours using glass containers or traditional dipping methods. Due to the high temperature required to melt the wax, children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

There are two different methods you can try: 

Container Candles - Molten wax can be poured into glass containers. You can use a range of colours and wax shapes to create some very individual designs. Fragrances can be added to container and moulded candles. 

Dipped Candles - By dipping a candle-wick repeatedly in molten wax, layers of colour can be built up which can be shaped and carved as the wax hardens. Partially set dipped candles can be twisted or plaited together. 

Items start from £2.50

Please note: Children under 14 years must be supervised by a responsible adult.